The Epicure review

Larissa Dubecki recently gave us a rave review in Epicure. You can read the full review over here.

Bellota Epicure

Bellota’s European heart extends to smoked eel rillettes flecked with dill and topped with a yellow cap of fat, with oiled slices of charry ciabatta and a jammy beetroot pickle. Or gin-infused kingfish, a soft bruised pink, done like gravlax with the same sticky finish, customised with coriander and lime creme fraiche and a pile of avocado and blood orange that makes the fish sing.

Or pasta. Thick spaghetti made in-house, sweet spanner crab, good-quality olive oil, parsley and – very important – a bold hand on the garlic. The minute steak is also a corker thanks to the full-flavoured beefiness of the grass-fed scotch fillet and the unapologetic puck of herby butter melting into it.

“It’s great. Fuss-free. Trick-free. Bellota is a classic case of great produce, presented simply. Remember that? It’s true what they say about fashion. Everything old is new again.”


The best bit The fabulous wine selection
The worst bit Getting a table at peak hour
Go-to dish Potato and onion tortilla with culatello, $10