JUNE 23, 2018 – JUNE 23, 2018

Featuring Great Ocean Road Ducks, Port Campbell, Victoria 

Greg and Jodi Clarke farm free-range Aylesbury ducks on their 16-hectare property overlooking Port Campbell, near the Twelve Apostles and Victoria’s Great Ocean Road. This is farmland made rich by regular rain, often a luscious green sprinkled with black and white Friesian cattle. This is renowned dairy country and these distinctive cows are almost as common as the swells that pound the coastal cliffs.

They began with 30 ducklings and no idea about what they were doing in 2009. The couple chose the Aylesbury for its historical connections. It is the classic English table duck and was wildly popular in the 19th century.

“There’s something about good feed, pasture, fresh water and sunshine that makes our ducks unique,” says Greg. The result is a bird with firm, full flavoured flesh and a good layer of rich, flavoursome fat.

Entrees to share

Cured Hiramasa kingfish, pickled cauliflower, green chilli
Angelica Farm Beetroots, ricotta salata, dukka

Main to share

Roast Great Ocean Rd Aylesbury Duck
Quince, prune, pork and walnut stuffing

Sides to share

Roast potatoes, Brussels sprouts
duck fat, herbs
Mixed leaf salad